I'm Trisha, 31 years old from Germany. I love to sew cute things with a punkrock attitude. Vegan. Feminist. Socially akward. I love my pet rats. Oh, and I am also a Zombie ... Guarr Argh Guh!
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My Purple Party Dress

I really do heart purple. I don’t heart a lot of colors, at least not for me to wear. I look stupid in most colors and having bright pink hair doesn’t help much, lemme tell you. So I usually stick to black or pink. But purple is just awesome. Purple is happiness! Purple is the taste of blueberries and the sound of galloping ponies. True story!

I got the fabric for a few Euros on the fabric market’s bargain table. It’s super soft and a nice lightweight knit that just screams summer dress. The pattern is from Ottobre Spring/Summer 2009 and I made it on a sewing date with my friends Wollmaus and Lene. Even though Wollmaus’ overlock tried to eat it, it wasn’t much of a challenge. The waterfall neckline is so pretty and yet so easy to make, I was a little confused at first ^^.


The pattern came with a belt, as you can see on the picture I linked above. I didn’t like it too much so I just came up with my own belt design. It’s basically a piece of fake leather, some satin ribbon and a metal skull I harvested from an old pair of shoes. It gives the dress the final goth/punk rock edge I was hoping for.


So far I took my dress out to a “tea party” and my mom-in-law’s birthday dinner but somehow didn’t manage to make pictures with me in it. But to make up for it, I have two WIP pictures :)


Wollmaus makes the best star shaped blueberry muffins in the world! The combination of sewing, muffins and great people pretty much makes the perfect Sunday, don’t you think?


And here is little me, trying it on. The hem is still undone and under the belt (that I borrowed from Wollmaus) the two dress parts weren’t actually sewn together, yet ^^.

Liebe Grüße,

Lovely Sewing Links

I saw some amazing sewing related links lately and wanted to share them with you. I hope you like them as much as I do :) Enjoy.


Have you seen Burdastyle.com‘s Freebie Friday yet? Every Friday they’re offering a new great pattern for free. Check out this week’s Peter Pan collar blouse. I can totally imagine making it Wednesday Adams style :D


My friend Max California is hosting “Little Sister” week over at her blog. No, it’s not about BioShock, but in celebration of the arrival of her baby daughter. Head over for a million great toddler and baby DIY ideas, generals awesomeness and even a guest blog by yours truly.


Jodi from Sew Fearless made a great tutorial about how to read and use commercial sewing patterns correctly. It’s a really great read and her blog is amazing in general.


If you need a great idea what to do with all your colorful fabric scraps, check out what my friend Lu from luloveshandmade came up with. Such an adorable idea!

Liebe Grüße,

Epic Vegan Choc Choc Cookies

I made cookies today. Not for any fancier reason than to use the leftover raspberries before they’ll go bad. They turned out so super delicious, I thought I’d share the recipe with you. Excited?
You should be ^^. The basic recipe is from the Veganomicon but I changed it a bit.

You’ll need:
2 cups flour
2/3 cups of unsweetened cocoa powder
2/3 cups canola oil
1/2 cups of non dairy vanilla milk (I used oat milk)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup sugar (or a little less)
4 teaspoons of grounded flax seeds
a few drops of almond extract
75 grams chopped up dark chocolate (vegan)
75 grams fresh blueberries (a hand full)
75 grams fresh raspberries (a hand full)

Preheat the oven to 175°C (350° F).

In a large bowl mix together the flour, cocoa powder and salt. In a separate bowl mix together the sugar, oil, flax seeds, milk and almond extract. Mix well then add the dry ingredients in batches. It’s gonna get a little sticky and you might want to use your fingers, kneading the dough (that’s okay, since the dough is egg less you can lick your fingers clean afterwards ^^). Then add the raspberries and keep kneading and mush the fruits into the dough. Then add the chopped chocolate and the blueberries (a little more carefully then the raspberries ^^).

Make little balls and flatten them on backing parchment. Bake for about 15-20 minutes.

Let them cool a little and enjoy!

Enjoy your vegan treats!

Liebe Grüße,


So it has come to this…

.. she’s wearing the bed sheets!
In my defense, they are very very cute bed sheets, and they are brand new, so no one has slept in them before ^^.

But let’s start slow:

Summer in Germany is hiding behind gray and ugly clouds. It is raining nearly every day. Bummer. So, what can you do on your day off besides reading? Right, set your Kindle to “text-to-speech”, grab a summer dress pattern and start sewing!
The Dresse’s real name is “Etta” from the Ottobre Magazine 2/2012.I fell in love with it’s sleeves and cute ruffles that would hide my belly. I thought that maybe I could make Summer happen by sewing myself a summer dress. So I spared the curtains and aimed for the bed sheets ( no really, I bought them for the purpose on harvesting the fabric only, I swear!).

My dress is about 8 cm shorter than the original pattern. I like short dresses. I have nice legs that I want to show off. I also added a a ruffled hem that I made with my new friend: “the ruffler” (I’ll post about him, soon). Pretty, eh? I’m not so happy with my choice in buttons. They kinda get lost in the pattern. Maybe I change that on another rainy day.

I took it out to a sewing date with Wollmaus and Lene <3 Such a great day! Even the weather was beautiful!

Liebe Grüße,

Older and Wiser

There are people who don’t like to be the center of attention on their birthday. They are avoiding all the crazy fuzz we make about getting on year older, they hardly tell anyone their day of birth so they won’t find themselves in surprise parties or the appearing of a wild birthday cake.

And there are people like me… attention whores through and through who proudly wear pink Hello Kitty plastic tiaras all day long, giving not a single fuck about what people might think about them.. cos hey, it’s my birthday! We count down the hours before midnight, some of us even have a special birthday song that we wanna hear at 00:01 o’clock to shout out to the world that today we are special (mine is Princess of the Universe from Queen.. and no, I don’t know what you’re talking about, that is correct song title :p) !

And after 31 years I think I finally get why celebrating your birthday is so awesome: You are special for a whole day, people thank you for existing and pad you on the shoulder for surviving yet another year in this cruel world, everything is awesome… and afterwards, when the day is over and it is no longer your birthday you have all these awesome new things and cake leftovers to over power the throbbing emptiness that’s creeping up on you and your not specialness once again ^^. I know right, I’m so deep… that’s because I’m old and wise now *lol*.

One of my awesome new things is my new Wacom graphic tablet.. I’m having way to much fun with it (as you can see) and I’m already forgetting how to use a mouse ^^. Thank you, Mr Sew!

And THANK YOU for all your wonderful comments, tweets, emails, messages, phone calls and presents. I had a great day and hopefully I’ll have a great year. I LOVE you all!

Liebe Grüße,

31 Years ago…

…my mom gave birth to this little potato. I know, right, so cute! ^^

To celebrate the fact that I yet managed to survive another year in this cruel world *dramatic sigh*… I though it would be fun to share some of my favorite pictures from when I was tiny. So while I’ll be busy eating my body weight in cake and hopefully having a super duper fun day with the boyfriend you can look at me being adorable xD. And you better appreciate that I decided against reenacting the pictures.. especially the first one x)

Have a fantastic day!

Liebe Grüße,

WGT 2012

The last WGT post for this year, I promise ^^.

I survived the WGT, whohoo \o/. It was a lot of work but also so much fun. After all, working with these awesome girls can hardly be called work.

Sadly I didn’t see much outside of this pretty booth but so many awesome people came visit and I managed to even stop by the NuS Meet Up.

And now I’m proudly presenting my outfits in their natural habitat :)

Day One, still fresh and motivated, lol. I ♥ my bloomers. I need to make an every-day version of them, they are so compfy.

Day Two. All fluffy and puffy and cutesy ^^. Don’t let the nice smile fool you *lol*

Day Three. The queen of the 80′s aka my friend Kirstin made my hair. So awesome ^^. I love this outfit, it’s really compfy. Sorry, the pictures are a little blurry.

Day Four. All steamed up and with black hair. After all, I was pretty happy it was the last day and was ready to call it a day.

Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments and support during this WGT WIP. You rule!

Now, let’s face new adventures *insert dramatic look and a star-trek-esque gesture towards the unknown futur* :D

Liebe Grüße

WIP – WGT Panic Part V – DONE

Leipzig, here I come! I managed to finish every last outfit and am very proud of myself ^^! Here they are:

(Please note: Not pictured here is the headdress, and the cuffs, sorry. Oh, and I decided against the corset, after all)

If you happen to be at the WGT, please come by the cyberloxx booth and say hello! :D

See you all in a few days!

Liebe Grüße, Trisha

WIP – WGT Panic Part IV

Last outfit WIP for this year’s WGT. I’m so busy with everything, you wouldn’t believe ^^. Only a few more days, I can not wait, I am so excited!

This skirt is inspired by this awesome piece of awesomeness made by Dryad. But instead of the military touch I wanted to go with a more playful attempt. I plan on wearing it with my pink/black cyberloxx shirt, so my color choice was an easy one. It’s also the first time I was sewing piping. It’s not perfect, but I really like how it turned out. And yes, I’m just ignoring the bit where the fabric crinkles ^^. I doubt I will stand still long enough for anyone to notice, anyways, when I’m working.
The white suspenders are just to hold the unfinished dress in place, now worries, I already ordered bright neon-pink ones ^^. I also bought pink buttons that I’ll sew to the front.

I made the dress when on my sewing date with the wonderful paisleystern. It was so much fun, not only the not sewing alone but with a friend part, but also having a second opinion and helpful comments on what you’re sewing. We had a a great time, I hope we can find time for another date, soon :D. She was also so kind to borrow me her pretty black petticoat. It’s so fluffy *_*, don’t let the awkward picture fool you!

To do list for outfit #4:
- hem, using bias tape
- add buttons
- give it a good wash so the chalk stains will vanish
- wait for pink suspenders to arrive

I better hurry!

Liebe Grüße, Trisha

P.S.: at least I managed to dye and cut my hair befroe thefestival! One more thing to cross off my list :D

WIP – WGT Panic Part III

My third WGT Outfit is pretty much the same I made for last year’s Amphi Festival.
I took in the skirt and holster to fit me again. The only thing I couldn’t change was my old blouse. It’s time for a new one.

I bought this ugly piece of cotton for 2€ on kleiderkreisel. The first thing I did was gving it a long hot bath in black tea to give it a brown-ish color.

So now that it’s brown I plan on transforming it to a carmen/ off the shoulder kinda blouse. I will keep the ruffles and add some steampunk-y details to it. I’ll also get rid of the akward sleeves.

To Do List for this outfit:
- alter blouse
- find shoes (!! That might be the hardest part)

Btw, in case you missed it, you can find can find the pretty pictures Lyci took of me in this outfit last year here.

Liebe Grüße,