I'm Trisha, 31 years old from Germany. I love to sew cute things with a punkrock attitude. Vegan. Feminist. Socially akward. I love my pet rats. Oh, and I am also a Zombie ... Guarr Argh Guh!
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Epic Vegan Choc Choc Cookies

I made cookies today. Not for any fancier reason than to use the leftover raspberries before they’ll go bad. They turned out so super delicious, I thought I’d share the recipe with you. Excited? You should be ^^. The basic recipe is from the Veganomicon but I changed it a bit. You’ll need: 2 cups [...]

Guest Post from Lu: Chocolate cake recipe

Dear readers of Mary Sew, I’m Lu from luloveshandmade and lovely Trisha has invited me to prepare a guest post for her blog. :) Here’s the recipe for my favourite cake in the whole world, my mum’s chocolate cake! :) Have fun while baking it and feel free to ask me if you’ve got any [...]

OMGWTF Vegan Birthday Cake

Welcome back to another episode of a zombie in the kitchen. And I have yet another birthday cake for you. Why is there yet another Birthday cake on the blog, you ask? Easy, this was the one I made for Mr. Sew’s belated second birthday celebration with his family a week later. You know, once [...]

Veg Out – Two Recipes

As promised, here we go with two very veggie recipes I like very much :) The first one is the perfect for breakfast. You also may use it as a dip for chips or vegetables. Just add some garlic and you have a wonderful party dip as well :D Veggie’s Delight Breakfast Spread 100g of [...]