I'm Trisha, 31 years old from Germany. I love to sew cute things with a punkrock attitude. Vegan. Feminist. Socially akward. I love my pet rats. Oh, and I am also a Zombie ... Guarr Argh Guh!
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Measly Middle Ages*

After being sick for way too long I was happy as can be to be out and about again. So we grabbed our friends and headed out to the medieval fair in Altena, yesterday, to meet with more friends, to eat some awesome food, have a lot of fun, laugh, talk, shop, take shelter from [...]

My “Summer”, so far…

I haven’t been around much, lately. Mostly because I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks now. Yuck, a nasty sinus infection throw me off my feet and into my bed. It is so boring and frustrating when you have to spend the first sunny days of all year in bed in or in front of [...]

The Weight of the Argh

I have thought a very long time about wether making this post or not… But okay, I give up. I just want to answer the question once and for all instead of 456168 times xD. Okay, so here is the deal: Yes I have lost a little weight. You may say, I lost a lot [...]

I’m not dead…

.. just very very busy. Urgs. It has been 2 1/2 since my last post, shame on me. There is so much going on, so much to write about, so little free time to wrote about it. Irgs, I miss blogging. I miss YOU all! Hang in there, kids, I’ll be back and kicking stitching [...]

Oh, hi!

Long time no see, eh? It’s been a while since I had time for a real/personal update. I’ve been so busy the last few weeks. All work, so little play *sigh* But now here I am, and I’m using some totally hispster-esque Instagram pictures to tell you what’s going on here (besides work!!). I dyed [...]


mary sew

June is finally here. I’ve been looking forward to this month because so many awesome things will happen within the next 4 weeks and I can hardly wait. For example: 1. My 30th Birthday Hooray, only 3 more days until this Junebug hits the big THREE OH! \o/ My guests will start arriving tonight (since [...]

Walk To The Beat Of My Own Drums

Yeah, I am back home. My Easter vacation in Berlin is over, my bags are unpacked, I am back. I have been for a few days, though I just enjoyed the small hiatus I gave myself and my little blog. It felt nice to not have to work a schedule, to ignore the Steampunk Sunday [...]

Happy New Year!

I am sorry, but you won’t find a shiny Goals for 2011 or New Years Resolutions list on this blog. Simply because I don’t like making goals just because it’s a new year. A few years ago I made the resolution to not make resolutions just because it’s New Years anymore. I’ve been true to [...]

Oh so quiet… psst!

It has become a little quiet on my blog. No, I have not grown tired of blogging or run out of things to blog about or tripped over the craft room chaos, broke my hip and are now about to be eaten by rats (sorry, no dogs or cats here). The reason for that is [...]

Yes, that’s my natural hair color, I swear!

My hair is turquoise, finally!!! I wanted to dye it for ages but had some troubles with my mail order.. and then the pink took ages to fade and then.. blablabla, anyways, my new hair! I look very tired, it was pretty early. But I kinda like the vibrant color in front of the dark [...]